CleanEarth Industrial Services provides a complete range of industrial cleaning services for industrial, commercial and municipal clients. With an experienced team utilizing a fleet of the industry’s best equipment we ensure that the specific services required for each job are put together to provide our clients with the best service and value.

• Vacuum Truck Services • General Industrial Cleaning • Sewer/Storm Line Cleaning • Hydro-Blasting • Hydro Excavation • Pipeline and Tank Video inspection • Tank Cleaning • Dry Bulk Vacuum • Mobile Power Washing Hot Water • Contaminated Water Transport and Treatment • Land Oil Spill Containment and Clean-Up • Used Oil Recycling • Sand Blast Removal • Lift Station Cleaning

CleanEarth Industrial Services is ready 24 hours a day 7 days a week to respond to any environmental incident or emergency.


Video Inspection Truck


Our Video Inspection Trucks are equipped with the ROVVER X, the number one crawler brand in the world, providing unsurpassed video resolution, illumination, and reporting/recording capabilities. Our systems can inspect pipelines from 6” to 72” diameter. They are ideal for sewer, pipeline, and tank inspection.

Power Vacuum Truck



Capable of handling both wet and dry materials. Our vacuum excavators are perfect for non-destructive utility and municipal excavation including potholing, key hole repairs, utility and line location, precise excavation and general maintenance.

Vacuum Truck



DOT certified, our Vacuum Trucks can handle liquid recovery waste jobs in all weather and operating conditions

Vactor Truck



Ideal for cleaning and maintaining sewer lines, catch basins, and storm sewers; our fleet of of Power Vacuum Trucks use their high-pressure water jets to scour pipes clean, and a high-flow vacuum to dispose of blockage materials.

Mobile Wash Truck



Our Mobile Wash Trucks are equipped with 5,000 PSI machines, utilizing hot water and with steam capabilities. We can provide these mobile pressure washing services to your location 24/7.

Service Vehicles



Our fleet of service vehicles provide our in-field fleet with ongoing support 24/7 – making sure your project stays supplied, on time and on budget.


At CleanEarth we are building a reputation as a company that does things differently.
Our innovative solutions allow us to deliver new options to clients that enable them to move forward with many different projects.


We are a full service industrial cleaning and waste management services company.

Our team is made up of Atlantic Canada’s most qualified and experienced personnel. With extensive project implementation expertise, and utilizing the industry’s best equipment we can respond to and handle all industrial cleaning and waste management needs.


At CleanEarth Industrial Services we are committed to continuously improving our health, safety and environmental program in order to protect our employees and the environment in which we operate.  Recognizing that health, safety and environmental compliance are a shared responsibility between management and workers, our health, safety and environment program is at the core of our business values.

We strive to create a work environment where there are zero accidents/ injuries, to provide safe working conditions for everyone, conduct regular safety training and meetings as required, and work to have a thriving internal responsibility system, where everyone is accountable.

Our health, safety and environmental program components include key programs such as Safe Work Practices and Procedures, Hazard Assessment, Audits and Inspections, Records and Statistics, Training, and Safety Committee responsibility.  These programs and policies apply to our fixed facility, client sites and to contractors working at our facilities or on our job sites.


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